Manufacture date by VIN

How to know manufacture date by VIN? When it comes to manufacturing date finding from that 17- digit VIN number, it is quite easy to find and drive out every code and standard as the standards are acknowledged and accepted globally. The tenth (10th) character is a unique number that gives information about the manufacturing year of the vehicle and it can be used to identify the model year of the vehicle. This manufacturing year is coded with alphabets and numbers according to the respective year and respective manufacturer.

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Respective codes for different year start from the year 1980 which is assigned A, 1981 is assigned B, 1982 is assigned C, 1983 is assigned D, 1984 is assigned E, 1985 is assigned F, 1986 is assigned G, 1987 is assigned H, 1988 is assigned J, 1989 is assigned K, 1990 is assigned L, 1991 is assigned M, 1992 is assigned N, 1993 is assigned P, 1994 is assigned R, 1995 is assigned S, 1996 is assigned T, 1997 is assigned V, 1998 is assigned W, 1999 is assigned X, 2000 is assigned Y, 2001 is assigned 1, 2002 is assigned 2, 2003 is assigned 3, 2004 is assigned 4, 2005 is assigned 5, 2006 is assigned 6, 2007 is assigned 7, 2008 is assigned 8, 2009 is assigned 9, 2010, is assigned again A, and so on the alphabets goes on with the years. The alphabets I, O and Q are missed due to the misunderstanding with 1 and 0. These characters could comprehensively define the manufacturing years of the vehicles and could be verified with the company’s record as according to the standards that are available with the company’s portal and advisory body’s records.

A car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) number is a unique number which contains both alphabets and numerical digits. It consists of unique information that entails the exact origin, type of the car, the engine, and manufacturing date with respect to its model and assembly plant where it is assembled. This number also contains Manufacturing month and year but cannot be simply drawn by looking at the number. In fact, there are some codes that are assigned to various years and months to understand the manufacturing date. In fact, VIN number is unique property of every single vehicle, having zero chance of matching with any other vehicle. Against this number, the record is kept for every happening like theft, police record, insurance or any repairs done for auto detailing purpose.

In 1981, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) of the US formulated a format. Which is widely accepted and adopted across the globe. The purpose behind was to assign every vehicle a unique number that offers an accurate description of each vehicle as the unit started to be produced in the manufacturing area. This standard details the 17-digit VIN number that is adopted and acknowledged globally. These 17-digits contains alphanumeric characters that possess information about various measures and could be decoded by interpreting those coding procedures.