No emission Silverado hits Chevy showrooms

chevy silveradoBig trucks are not normally seen as green cars. That is the case for the 2014 Silverado, the best pickup truck uner the Chevrolet brand and the best-selling ride at General Motors. Green car lovers might actually rejoice to know that a green, zero-emission version of the Silverado is already available.

So if you want to get one, you really do not have to wait for spring when the brand will launch a more efficient line of V-8 and V-6 engines.

You might be thinking of a catch. Actually there is a catch. The zero-emission version of the Silverado comes lighter and comes a bit smaller tan its gasoline versions.

The design of the 2014 Silverado is blockier and flatter compared to the sleeker lines of its gasoline-dependent siblings that will roll out in just a few months.

The greener pickup also has less space for your cargo compared to its gasoline models. The latter even has versions that has load ratings of over 10,000 pounds. In the pickup truck segment, load capacity is a huge macho factor.

Unlike what VIA Motors did to their converted pickups, the emission-free Silverado does not come with electric motors or battery packs.