Lexus gives LF-CC a green light

The sleek LF-CC coupe by Lexus was first unveiled during the auto show in Paris last September. Just recently, Lexus announced during the motor show in Los Angeles that the LF-CC will head into production by 2015.

Reports say that the carmaker has assigned an engineer to lead the project and look into the production engineering starting 2013. According to an insider, the brand wants to come up with a vehicle that is emotional and exciting while reflecting its sporty character.

The same source also shared that Lexus is considering a compact SUV that will be similar to the Evoque under the Land Rover brand. This idea on hold at the moment while they are trying to figure out if this will be the best direction for the company to take.

The new Lexus LF-CC will come in fixed-head and cabrio forms. Most likely the sporty coupe will use the platform utilized for the GS and the IS models.

Like its siblings, the LF-CC will roll out as a hybrid. Most likely it will have a drivetrain similar to the GS 350h which currently outputs 300bhp. The looks will come close to the concept vehicle, the LF-LC, that was also on display during the L.A. auto show.

Lexus might position the new LF-CC into the slot vacated by coupe convertible Lexus SC.