Honda set to release Hybrid Accord in the United States?

It seems Honda is planning to move the production of the hybrid version of the Accord to the U.S. by 2015. A plug-in hybrid Accord assembled in Japan will be marketed in the U.S. by next year while it will be followed by a regular hybrid version before the end of 2013.

The Accord Hybrid will be exclusively built in Japan but this may change by 2015. The move is critical as Honda wants to avoid the high value of the Japanese Yen that may lead to losses. The regular version of the Honda Accord is being built in the U.S. , and this may soon be true for plug-in and hybrid variants.

The chief engineer of Honda explained to the press in a recent engagement that the company will not be able to expand its business if it will not be able to make the motor and battery in the United States by 2015.

The Accord Hybrid may take a while before it can catch up with the competition. Based on studies, it is more difficult to market a hybrid variant of a vehicle in the U.S. when a vehicle has a gas model compared to selling dedicate hybrid vehicles like the Prius of Toyota.

The engineer also noted that the hybrid-only vehicles are doing better in the market. Positioning a hybrid variant as the consumers cannot easily distinguish the benefits of choosing it over its gasoline version

Honda promises that the Accord Hybrid will pack the goods that will help consumers notice it more. The Hybrid Accord is expected to cover 15 miles using pure electric power and have a 100 mpg equivalent.