The sleek LF-CC coupe by Lexus was first unveiled during the auto show in Paris last September. Just recently, Lexus announced during the motor show in Los Angeles that the LF-CC will head into production by 2015.

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chevy silveradoBig trucks are not normally seen as green cars. That is the case for the 2014 Silverado, the best pickup truck uner the Chevrolet brand and the best-selling ride at General Motors. Green car lovers might actually rejoice to know that a green, zero-emission version of the Silverado is already available.

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Unique identifiers have been around in different formats for as long as standardized alphabets and number systems have existed. Even looking back to the ancient world, artists and traders would mark their creations to signify who it was made by, and when. However, as we're moved to a more complex world with thousands upon thousands of moving parts, standardized identification systems have become the norm. The vehicle identification number is an example of this.


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